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About the Good Education Group

The Good Education Group is Australia’s leading independent provider of high-quality education and career information.

We offer accessible data and analysis, which allows students and families to make informed decisions about education and career pathways. Our multi-platform resources also help education providers and industry partners assess and tailor their offerings in order to meet the needs of their audience.

The Good Education Group is made up of passionate education experts who have a desire to make a difference. This is the foundation of all our products, services and projects.

We look forward to collaborating with you to empower generations of students and job seekers to achieve their goals.

Our Partners

Our Team

Chris Lester

Chief Executive Officer

Chris brings to the Good Education Group more than two decades of experience in strategic management, business development and financial services.

He is excited by the opportunities ahead for the company and takes pride in working in a sector focused on helping people to improve their outcomes, as well as ensuring that young Australians have the skills required for a continually evolving job market.

Learn more about Chris.

Makayla Paterson

Head of Marketing

Makayla leads the company’s corporate affairs, partnerships and marketing strategy.

She is passionate about growing the Good Education Group’s presence in the sector and seeking ways to share the its skills, expertise and innovative ideas.

Makayla is excited about seeing education change in today’s globalised economy, and how this will affect growth and success in the Australian sector.

Learn more about Makayla.

Ross White

Head of Product

Ross is responsible for the delivery of content and data for the group’s publication suite.

His particular speciality lies in market insight and data analysis, which he believes is a crucial element of the education and career decision-making process.

Ross plays an important role in providing analysis to the industry, and regularly lends his voice as a spokesperson on the education sector.

Learn more about Ross.


Aaron Matthews

Content Manager

Aaron is the Content Manager at the Good Education Group and is responsible for the written content across the full scope of the company’s publications.

He is committed to demystifying the education sector and helping people get the information they need to find their path and reach their education and career goals.


Learn more about Aaron.

Fikri Bozdogan


Digital Marketing Manager

Fikri is the Good Education Group’s digital expert and leads the team in the world of search marketing, website conversion and social media outreach.

He has a passion for the digital arena and the education sector, taking pride in his role helping people find the information they need. He is excited to see how the education industry develops as technology advances and online study becomes more mainstream.

Learn more about Fikri.


Mike Hancox

Senior Sales consultant

Mike is the Senior Sales Consultant for the Good Education Group. He works consultatively with Australian institutions around the country to ensure that students have access to all the information they need when choosing their education career path.

He is passionate about connecting students, both domestic and international, with the right education provider, all the while delivering results for his clients.


Learn more about Mike.


Patrick Evans

Content Coordinator

Patrick is the Content Coordinator at the Good Education Group and is heavily involved in content production, blogging and proofreading.

Learn more about Patrick.

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