Ross White – Head of Production

ROSS WHITE Head of Product

As Head of Product, Ross is responsible for the production team, which delivers content and data for the group’s publication suite.

Ross’ particular speciality is market insight, data and analysis, which he believes is a crucial element of the education and career decision-making process. Ross plays an important role in providing data and analysis to industry and clients, and regularly lends his voice as a spokesperson of the Good Education Media.

With a little over 10 years in the education sector, Ross’ career has taken him from implementing an apprenticeship program for a Registered Training Organisation to leading product development across Good Education Media’s print and digital suite of publications.

Ross is eager to see how the education sector will grow and predicts an evolution in how the market will present itself to prospects and advisers. He believes that education providers will become more competitive and their recruitment efforts more measurable, with data-driven campaigns playing an important role. Ross expects students to reap the benefits as institutions further establish their brands and graduate employability strategies.

When away from the office (and often on his way in), Ross enjoys running, cycling and boxing.

Ross holds a Bachelor of Arts from La Trobe University, with a focus on history and politics. He has also completed various short courses, covering everything from database design to organisational management and data management.

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