Makayla Daglish


Pay attention: Closing the wage gap

On Friday 8 March all of us here at Good Education Group joined in International Women’s Day, celebrating not only the achievements of our female colleagues, but also those that we work alongside within the industry as well as those that we admire from afar. With this year’s hashtag #BalanceforBetter, naturally it’s also a day which raises discussion around where

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Have your say on STEM education

Good Education Group is proud to partner with Refraction Media by helping promote this year’s Australian STEM report.


What the 2016-15 Federal Budget means for the K-12 sector

The Federal Budget 2015–16 has now been released, delivering largely positive news for school students and families. We’ve summarised some of the Budget 2015–16 highlights that may affect you and your students. 


What the 2015-16 Federal Budget means for tertiary education

The Federal Government has announced the Budget this week, with much to talk about within the tertiary education sector. We’ve put together a summary on how the Federal Budget 2015–16 will affect higher education and VET providers as well as their students.