Good news for jobseekers with industries crying out for staff across the state

If you are unsure about which career path to take, it might be worth checking out the industries that have shown no sign of slowing down.

Education, aged care, health, construction and professional scientific and technological services are industries proving to be high in demand and experts say there are many positions crying out for job applicants.

Victorian Employers’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI) chief economist Steven Wojtkiw said strong job vacancies existed in aged care and health.

“I would say sectors like health and education aren’t exposed as much to trade pressures like manufacturing or trade and tourism sectors.

“The level of the Australian dollar can make the difference whether those types of businesses are successful or not,” Mr Wojtkiw said.

“But things like education — we need that whether our economy is doing good or bad.

Our population is ageing so we increasingly need aged care.

These jobs are important roles and will ­continue.”

Mr Wojtkiw said the information technology sector was another industry to watch out for.

He said the nature of IT changed so rapidly that it was important for practitioners and specialists to be trained to the highest levels.

Centre for Workplace Leadership director Peter Gahan echoed Mr Wojtkiw’s comments.

“We are generating incredible amounts of data and we know a lot more of people’s purchasing behaviour,” Prof Gahan said.

“So areas of growth are the analytical type jobs like statistics, IT, software development, the gaming sector — so looking at games on computers and mobile applications. Victoria has been the centre for those technology industries.”

He said the construction industry would start to boom.

“This is important in Victoria — think about the announcements made in the budget.

“There is going to be huge investments in infrastructure,” Prof Gahan said.

“One area where we think there will be a lot of growth but it is a far less glamorous occupation is in health care and social services — so nursing, aged care and those sorts of services.”

The Good Universities Guide states that due to the constant demand for teachers, education is often seen to be a safe choice of occupation.

This perception often overshadowed the reality of what the job actually involved, such as a lot of hard work, but teaching can also be ­rewarding.

Ross White, education data manager for Job Guide and The Good Universities Guide, said careers in early childhood education and primary teaching were among the top 20 most popular occupations to search for on The Good Universities Guide websiteThe Good Universities Guide print publication is available for ­purchase online.

This article originally appeared in the Leader Community Newspaper – Good news for jobseekers with several industries crying out for staff in Melbourne and across the state

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