Interview with ABC News Perth: Is university worth the cost?

The Federal Government is considering reducing the threshold where students need to start paying back their HECS-HELP debt. 

This would mean more graduates will need to pay back their loans earlier in their careers.

Will this change the way people see the value of a degree?

Ross White, from Good Education Media, joins Gillian O’Shaughnessy on ABC Radio Perth to discuss the cost of a university degree and what a change to the threshold would mean to students and familes.

Listen to the interview below.

Is university worth the cost?


Ross White is Head of Data and Analytics for Good Education Media and heads up the production team for The Good Universities Guide. Ross specialises in market insight within the education sector and has been involved in the evolution of the The Good Universities Guide publication for over 10 years. Learn more about Ross.


This interview originally appeared on ABC Radio Perth – Is university worth the cost?

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