MP says axing of Job Guide will deter students from going to university

Wakefield MP Nick Champion says the Federal Government’s axing of the National Job Guide will deter northern suburbs students from going to university and impede their chances of a prosperous career.

Mr Champion is calling on the government to reinstate the guide and the My Future website, both of which are set to stop from 2015.

The resources provide career, education and training information to students.

The government axed them under a plan to cut $128 million in youth education and employment programs.

Mr Champion said the Job Guide had been a “critical classroom staple” since 1971

“In the northern suburbs, you’ve got a situation where the links to work and the world of industry have been broken,” he said.

“At the same time as that’s shutting down, you’re removing the publications that would help people transition or look into other careers.

“Often people follow other people into industries — if those industries aren’t there then you’ve got to look elsewhere.”

Mr Champion said the cuts would make it harder for students to make informed career choices.

“You might not go to university, you might not go into an apprenticeship, you might not go into an industry that has opportunity for expansion or higher wages,” he said.

Craigmore High School principal Des Wauchope said he hoped a suitable replacement for the guide and website would be provided.

“(The Guide) is a useful document for students and for staff, particularly around subject counselling,” he said.

“It gives students a lot more insight because it covers job prerequisites and where they might get more information (about careers).”

The Federal Education Minister’s parliamentary secretary Scott Ryan said the previous Labor Government had failed to provide ongoing funding for the National Job Guide and My Future website.

Mr Ryan said the government was funding new initiatives, such as Training for Employment Scholarships and the Youth Employment Pathways program, both of which would start in March next year.

This article originally appeared in The Advertiser – Wakefield MP Nick Champion says axing of National Job Guide will deter northern suburbs students from going to university

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