Girls encourage to explore their interests in STEM this Christmas

This year Good Education Media chief executive officer, Chris Lester, is supporting the grassroots campaign, No Gender December, which is encouraging parents to avoid buying their children gender-marketed gifts. 

A statement on the No Gender December website says “Kids should be free to decide which toys interest them, without being informed by gendered marketing that something is ‘for them’ or ‘not for them’”.

In a blog post on Good Education Media’s website, Mr Lester said the movement correlated with the perception that STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) fields were dominated by men and avoided by women.

“Just as toy stores typically separate ‘girls’ from ‘boys’ toys, workplaces tend to be sharply divided between ‘pink’ and ‘blue’ jobs,” he wrote.

Earlier this month, the Institution for Engineering and Technology warned that gendered gifts could be turning young girls away from careers in technology and engineering.

The IET found boys were almost three times as likely as girls to receive science and maths toys for Christmas.

Mr Lester said there was a new wave of toys specifically being marketed to encourage more girls to explore their interest in STEM.

“It might not be a quick fix but getting behind No Gender December is a good start to redressing this imbalance,” he said in his blog post.

“That means that the best present for your daughter this Christmas may not necessarily be a nerf gun, but rather a ‘Jewelbot’, a ‘Roominate set’ or ‘Goldieblox’,” he wrote.

The No Gender December campaign started in 2014 by advocacy group Play Unlimited.


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