Pharmacy a stand-out course for the University of Tasmania

One hundred per cent of pharmacy graduates from the University of Tasmania are finding full-time employment within four months of graduating, according to The Good Universities Guide 2017, released today by the Good Education Media.

The stand-out course offered at Tasmania’s only university also scored well for ‘teaching quality’ and ‘skills development’ and had the highest median graduate salary. The university also ranked among the top performers in the health services and support field, with graduates receiving an impressive median salary of $80,000 — the highest of any university in the field.

Ross White, Head of Product at the Good Education Media, said the results show that health and science graduates are in demand and highly valued by industry.

“The University of Tasmania is performing particularly well in science fields and it offers a diverse range of study options — some of which aren’t available anywhere else in the country.

“Tasmanian students are among the most likely to leave their home state for study, but these results show that the state has terrific strengths in many disciplines.”

More generally, the University of Tasmania received five stars for ‘student retention’ and ‘social equity’ — one of only two universities in Australia to achieve top marks in both categories.

Chris Lester, CEO at the Good Education Media, said the results show the University of Tasmania is demonstrating strength across a number of areas.

The Good Universities Guide 2017 shows that there are a broad range of factors that need to be taken into account when choosing a university. Students are after a great learning experience and they expect to feel engaged throughout their course. The University of Tasmania’s impressive student retention rating proves that they are certainly on the right track in these areas.”

The Good Universities Guide 2017 provides the only independent five-star performance ratings of Australian undergraduate courses and their providers.

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2017 Good Universities Guide Ratings

GUG17 TAS ratings table

Note: Universities are awarded five stars if they fall within the top 20 per cent of all universities


About the ratings

Student retention

This rating shows you how well a university does at keeping students in their courses, based on the proportion of students still enrolled by their second year of study. It looks at universities according to a national retention average for students in comparable fields of study with similar ATAR scores.

Social equity

This rating shows what percentage of domestic students enrolling at each university come from low socioeconomic or disadvantaged backgrounds, as determined by federal government classifications.

Teaching quality

This rating looks at the proportion of students who were satisfied with the quality of teaching they experienced. It is based on students’ ratings of their overall educational experience; the quality of teaching they received; and the extent to which they felt lecturers and tutors actively engaged them in and demonstrated concern for learning, provided clear explanations of coursework and assessment, inspired them intellectually, seemed helpful and approachable and provided useful feedback on work, among various other factors.


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