Queensland one of the most affordable states for Catholic school education

New figures have revealed that on average it will cost Queensland parents almost $76,000 to put a child through 13 years of state school.

The cost is 10 per cent above the national average and the difference can be blamed in part on the cost of transport and voluntary contributions to schools.

On the positive side, Ross White from Good Education Media tells Mark Braybrook, host of 4BC’s Drive program, Queensland is one of the most affordable places to send kids to Catholic and private schools.

Listen to the interview below

Ross White is Head of Data and Analytics for Good Education Media and heads up the production team for The Good Schools Guide. Ross specialises in market insight within the education sector and has been involved in the evolution of The Good Schools Guide for over 10 years. Learn more about Ross.

This interview originally appeared on 4BC 1116 Drive program with Mark Braybrook – Queensland the most expensive state for public school education

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