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Making a difference through Agribusiness study

Agriculture is big business in 2018. A far cry from the self-sustaining communities before the industrial revolution, the agriculture industry is now responsible for maintaining global food production, coping with overpopulation and solving world hunger.


The most popular and least popular Australian bachelor degrees

Health degrees are more than twice as popular as they were in 2001, in a sign Australian students are paying attention to employment trends. Enrolments in health-related bachelor degrees grew from 20,130 in 2001 to 52,134 in 2016, according to Good Education Media, which released its latest The Good Careers Guide today.


City school-leavers look to future in agriculture

Georgia Osborne did not grow up on a farm, nor did she seriously consider studying agriculture when she was in high school.


City students jump aboard agriculture bandwagon

Degrees in agriculture are on offer at many universities in Victoria, and students from cities are matching country students in enrolments, according to postcode data analysed by information provider Good Education Group. 


Busting the myths on agriculture studies

In 1986, less than a tenth of Australian farmers had some form of further education; 25 years later, that number was close to a third.