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Good news for jobseekers with industries crying out for staff across the state

If you are unsure about which career path to take, it might be worth checking out the industries that have shown no sign of slowing down. Education, aged care, health, construction and professional scientific and technological services are industries proving to be high in demand and experts say there are many positions crying out for job applicants. Victorian Employers’ Chamber

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What counts in an MBA?

Despite critics who have questioned the relevance and value of an MBA in recent years, the number of people pursuing the qualification continues to rise. About 77 MBA programs and variants are offered across Australia, comprising more than 21,000 students. But is it money well spent by the masses? Campus Review asked experts what employers and students are looking for
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What’s your MBA’s return on investment?

The most expensive and prestigious business schools don’t always deliver the biggest bang for your buck, according to The Good Universities Guide to MBAs 2014. Released today, the Guide rates MBAs and the business schools that offer them in order to assist prospective MBA students as they sift through their options in the highly branded management education market. For example,

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Should you bother with postgrad study in your field?

A postgraduate degree is a far more worthwhile investment in some fields of study than in others, according to The Good Universities Guide to Postgraduate Courses. Considering the time and expense that postgraduate degrees require, a salary increase is one of the main benefits that many postgraduate students expect to gain after finishing their degree. While postgraduate salaries are, on

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Degrees of difference

AT up to $80,000 a pop, choosing the right MBA course is hardly a decision to be taken lightly. The available guidance is patchy and even contradictory, though there are indications of a trend towards employing graduates from Asian and Australian business schools. With about 50 MBA courses offered in Australia, there is rising concern among students about exactly what
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