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Pay attention: Closing the wage gap

On Friday 8 March all of us here at Good Education Group joined in International Women’s Day, celebrating not only the achievements of our female colleagues, but also those that we work alongside within the industry as well as those that we admire from afar. With this year’s hashtag #BalanceforBetter, naturally it’s also a day which raises discussion around where

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Catholic school education more expensive in Adelaide than any other Australian city

A Catholic school education in Adelaide is more expensive than in any other Australian city, the Australian Scholarship Group says.


Gold Coast private school fees revealed

Parents are coughing up less to send their children to Gold Coast’s best private schools than other large cities in Australia.


Brisbane private schools raise tuition fees up to three times inflation rate

Private schools across Brisbane will raise tuition fees this year by two to three times the rate of inflation.


University open days: Questions worth asking

If you’ve wandered past any university campus in recent weeks, you may have noticed a flurry of activity, and perhaps an army of parents and high school students making their way through a circus of stalls and performances.


How to make the most of university open days

There’s a lot of razzle-dazzle at university open days, from sample law lectures, hands-on science activities, tours of labs and drone demonstrations to competitions, film screenings and fairy floss.


Making a difference through Agribusiness study

Agriculture is big business in 2018. A far cry from the self-sustaining communities before the industrial revolution, the agriculture industry is now responsible for maintaining global food production, coping with overpopulation and solving world hunger.


The most popular and least popular Australian bachelor degrees

Health degrees are more than twice as popular as they were in 2001, in a sign Australian students are paying attention to employment trends. Enrolments in health-related bachelor degrees grew from 20,130 in 2001 to 52,134 in 2016, according to Good Education Group, which released its latest The Good Careers Guide today.


View potential schools from home with online virtual tours

Families can now tour some of Australia’s elite schools without leaving home.


The future of jobs will be technology-driven

The jobs of the future will be tech-heavy, portable and, most interestingly, they will put the worker in the driver’s seat.