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Understanding Good Education Group

Who are we? Good Education Group The leading independent provider of high-quality resources that empower students, families and other key influencers to guide and make informed decisions about education and career pathways. What products and services do we offer? Australian Course Information Register A database of accredited courses offered by Australian universities, TAFE institutes and registered private colleges that ensures
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How to turn a love of sport into a full-time career

The future is looking bright for students who want to turn their passion for sport into a career.


Girls can’t be what they can’t see – Good Education Group joins forces with girledworld

Good Education Group is proud to announce their involvement with the girledworld APAC summit, with the aim to get more girls into start-up, entrepreneurship and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers and build a new generation of innovators to take Australia forward.


Healthcare continues to explode, while education offers opportunities

Australia is in the midst of a healthcare boom and it is showing no signs of slowing down.


The most popular and least popular Australian bachelor degrees

Health degrees are more than twice as popular as they were in 2001, in a sign Australian students are paying attention to employment trends. Enrolments in health-related bachelor degrees grew from 20,130 in 2001 to 52,134 in 2016, according to Good Education Group, which released its latest The Good Careers Guide today.


The future of jobs will be technology-driven

The jobs of the future will be tech-heavy, portable and, most interestingly, they will put the worker in the driver’s seat.


STEM sector not always the ideal place to secure a job

There is a common belief that if graduates want to stay ahead of the competition and increase their chances of a lucrative and long-lasting career, then it’s best to sign up for a science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM) degree.


Working as a surveyor in Australia

There has never been a better time to be a surveyor in Australia. Rapid growth in job openings (5,001 and 10,000 over the 5 years to 2020) is predicted.


Technology in the classroom is vital for future careers

If there is one thing educators can all agree on, it’s that the world is changing quickly and schools need to equip students with skills to thrive in the cut-and-thrust of modern life. 


Careers experts don’t fear rise of robots

What will a reliable career look like in 2022? According to Good Education Group’s 2017 Good Careers Guide, it will be in early education, special education, social work, occupational therapy, speech pathology and audiology.